Human Rights Act (1998): development in UK Human Rights


This site is devoted to demonstrating the values of the Human Rights Act for broad swaths of ordinary UK people.

We provide information about:

1. Our public events  that aimed to demonstrate the great value of the Act for vulnerable people and ordinary families in the UK;

2. The Rights agreed in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR); and their availability in UK courts through the Human Rights Act (1998) (HRA); the EXCEPTIONS to the Rights.

3. We also provide Right by Right accounts based on benchmark cases that illustrate the progress UK human rights have made since the Act came into force in 2000: Illustrative cases.

4. Information about the Bill of Rights Commission including our responses to its public consultations; and about the Conservative government’s plans to scrap the HR Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights, the quality of which is completely unknown.

5. Finally we provide a set of links to the European Convention; the HR Act; and related sites that promote understanding of the Act far beyond our site.


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2 thoughts on “Human Rights Act (1998): development in UK Human Rights


    The Ministry of Justice declined to comment on Sunday about the latest speculation over the contents of its planned public consultation on reforming human rights, which has been repeatedly delayed.

  2. RMAU

    Only one in 10 people in Britain believe that scrapping the Human Rights Act should be a major government priority, according to an opinion poll conducted by Amnesty International.


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