Bill of Rights

The Coalition Government’s Bill of Rights Commission:

The Conservative 2010 election manifesto proposed to repeal the Labour Government’s Human Rights Act (1998) and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. The Liberal Democrats on the other hand always supported the European Convention and argued for many years for its incorporation into UK domestic law. The Coalition agreement thus compromised on a Commission that would:

investigate the creation of a UK Bill of Rights that incorporates and builds on all our obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights, ensures that these rights continue to be enshrined in UK law, and protects and extends our liberties.

Commission’s webpages: are here

Overview of their Report see Volume 1, pp 9 -39<

The Commission also provided interim advice to the Government on the reform of the Strasbourg court …..

The Commission’s Public Consultations
Consultation 1 asked:  Do you think we need a UK Bill of Rights?
Derbyshire response: is here

Response to Consultation 2 by Derby University School of Law and Criminology and Amnesty International groups in Derbyshire: here

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