ECHR (basic rights)

The full convention is here.

The basic rights which
1: Signatory states must secure for everyone are:

2: To life, which must be protected by law
3: To freedom from torture & cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment
4: To freedom from slavery and servitude
5: To liberty and security of the person …. except under certain conditions, e.g. prompt charge if arrested
6: To a fair and public hearing by an independent tribunal … everyone shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty
7: No retroactive criminality
8: To respect for his private and family life, home and correspondence
9: To freedom of thought, conscience and religion
10: To freedom of expression including to hold opinions and to receive and impart information   … this carries duties and responsibilities
11: To peaceful assembly and association
12: To marry and found a family … if of marriageable age
13: To effective remedy if these rights are violated
14: All these rights shall be secured without discrimination
15: Opt-out in time of war or public emergency …but not from 2 (except lawful deaths from the war) or 3, 4 or 7

Protocol 1 (1952)
Art. 1: Right to peaceful enjoyment of property;
Art. 2: Right to education
Art. 3: Right to elections

Protocol 6 (1983)
The death penalty shall be abolished. No-one shall be condemned to such penalty or executed

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