HRA – Illustrative cases

This section of our web gives very brief outline and key references for cases where the HRA has made a significant difference in the judgment.

We give the official case reference and sometimes we also a link to a discussion of the case from the or similar source.

The UK’s hierarchical court system and common law style of justice gives each case a generalising power. Very wide effect is also achieved for each right through HR Act Section 6: public authorities” must work according to the Convention rights.

Cases are given in order of rights in the Convention. Some cases involve more than oneright. Also some rights have more than one element (e.g. Article 8, Privacy and Family Life).

Some Convention Articles are not covered, e.g. Article 7 (no retroactive punishment) as this is not contentious in UK public life; also Article 13 (just compensation) as the HRA does not incorporate this article.

We include Article 1 which is about the Convention’s geographical remit or “jurisdiction” rather than about a single right, because or its place in some very important human rights  (individual and group) cases connected with the war in Iraq.

For other collections of human rights benchmark cases see our section: Links

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